Playing the CS game.

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    ,abercrombie soldes
    play CS game
    today we to play CS,sac louboutin, I am very happy. I have been waiting for a long time, the dream will come ture. Father opened the car of a many hour, finally came to the Lishui Jinshan temple.
    to live CS to play the venue,louboutin, the administrator uncle let our team,air jordan, we explain to play notes and how to use the guns. If you hit the enemy,abercrombie pas cher, pagers vibrate you back two; if you're someone hit you in the back, not only will vibrate, also issued a "ah" sound. The team finished with my teammates and put on radio backpack, loaded the gun, start. We picked up the gun at the enemy camp, launched a fierce attack. I carry a gun, bent down the wall, with great care to move the footsteps,air jordan pas cher, looked around, suddenly in front of found an enemy, I approached him quietly, to his back sweeps a enemy, shouting "ah ah" sound went down. I saw a man,One dayeasyzw It is, is aimed at small especially teammates, I a vigorous rushed into the enemy back, and a fierce sweep, "Da Da Da",once not only I alo,louboutin pas cher, calling for the enemy,hollister, "ah" sound continuously, the enemy was I kill,No one can escape f, I was pleased with oneself, suddenly heard footsteps behind him, I feel tight back, saw an enemy with a rifle to I opened one gun, I'm locking stood aside, escaped. I am very angry, thought this guy dares to attack me, I to he a fierce sweep, sees five bullet hit him on the leg, and I kill one! Then I went to the "general", occupy the Highlands,fitflops uk, open field of vision,converse pas cher, pointing the enemy, sweeps through, did several. The especially uncle hide in where? Can't see? All of a sudden I back vibrator "ah" cried, I turned to look, the original is especially uncle was behind me,air jordan retro, smiling at me. I was angry and funny,fitflops, I'm OVER......
    this activity is really very interesting, not only exercise the body, and foster cooperation group, hope next time also to.
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